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Monday, March 27, 2017

Travels with Sydney

Doing my best to channel Steinbeck's "Travels With Charley" here.

Under the heading of "What I Did on My Summer (winter) Vacation" -- Chris and I adopted a dog. The thinking was that if we found our next dog while we were on sabbatical in California, we'd have some time to bond and train and accustom it to us before we returned to New York and the usual madness of bed and breakfast life was underway. So with this in mind, we again drove cross country so that we'd be able to transport a dog back without the potential trauma of air travel.

So six weeks ago today, we adopted four-year-old Sydney from a rescue in Baja California, Mexico, and she is a love. She's some form of mixed breed incorporating--possibly--Australian Shepherd, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Pointer, and who knows what else. She's little--24 pounds--about 16 inches at the shoulder. She's continually on the prowl for lizards and things she can flush out of the bushes while on a walk.We've been accustoming her to our vacation life of spending hours on Laguna Beach's boardwalk where the people (and dog) watching is sublime. Here's her getting the hang of it:

Today was the big day to begin our journey East. It will be a fairly leisurely week-long trip, affording us the opportunity to stop in with friends across the country en route. We've taken her on a couple of day trips (for instance, to Temecula Wine Country) and she seems to travel well. And we noticed that she didn't seem to have any paranoid "are you leaving me!?!?" associations with suitcases as we packed.

But as we loaded the last of the cases into the car, she jumped from her bed and ran back up the stairs where I found her curled up defiantly on the doormat of the apartment, and I had to carry her back down to the car.

Yeah, I know how she feels.

Today is a short jaunt, a warm up for the long days on the road, as we are only in Rancho Mirage where our dear friends Steve and Liz are vacationing. The uncommonly green foothills of Orange and Riverside Counties gave way to the snow-capped mountains flanking the clear deserts of Moreno and Indio Valley. Miles of wind farms waved welcome as we neared Palm Springs. Sydney slept through it all.

She may speak Spanish -- we don't -- but for sure when we stopped into a little family run Mexican restaurant called La Casita in Cathedral City, she was up for any dropped tortilla chips or leftover tostada we might put her way. And she evidences lots of interest in the ducks on the ponds here, which makes me wonder again about her DNA.

No problems with the strange hotel room, Interested and excited about all the unfamiliar territory. Mad props to the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa for an incredible pet-friendly experience!

Off to Utah today!


  1. It's been so much fun watching as you've made Sydney your own. Now she's off to her new home. I wonder what she'll think of snow. I bet she'll be the belle of the ball with every guest she meets at her new home. Hats off to Sydney and to you and Chris for bringing her into your lives and loving her.

    1. So special. The three whom I have had as an adult have been rescues. All a dream come true and extremely bonded to me. So loved. My first, Bernard, a Golden Retrever at 6 months came from a heart breaking situation (Some day I will tell you). I was told by a couple people that he would be by my side and a protector. They were so right.
      Your Sidney has some of my guys looks including the gold color. Mine was named
      Sir Bernard Golden Dash.
      You are loved my dear. Happy for you. Give him a hug for me this morning. Blessings